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kundankori posted to the message board Join Carp Hunters!.
Transportation: Believe you live in a very set where finding the necessary transfer premises would seem a lot of aggravation. [url=https://ad-vision.co.in/packersmovershyd...
Posted 7 months ago

deepv added a new recipe Grilled Bass.
High Heat on grill.

Mix together garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt - sprinkle evenly over fish.

Melt butter, garlic, and parsle...
Posted 9 months ago

jimbuoy added a new recipe Sea Robbin.
Cooking Directions
Prepare by filleting to remove the meat from the skin and bones.
Cut fillets into bite-size pieces, (Apx.1” chunks) or cut...
Posted 1 year ago

newenglandangler added a new recipe grilled bluefish.
As you know, bluefish is very oily and tastes fishy. So to lessen this, soak the meat in milk for about a good half hour. Then coat it with mayonnaise...
Posted 1 year ago

nems76 posted to the message board Bottom fishing or trolling.
New to sight looks interesting...
Posted 1 year ago

mab1212 added a new recipe easy grilled bluefish.
- salt and pepper to desired taste
-spread mayo over fish (both sides
-wrap the bacon around the fish and keep in place with toothpicks
- gri...
Posted 1 year ago

crazyfisherman added a new recipe DRY FISH.
whole fish salt it hard and put it under pressure, in refrigerator for 3 days. then rinse with the running water for 2- 3 hr . let it dry literally fo...
Posted 2 years ago

baystateangler added a new recipe Grilled Rainbow Trout.
When ready to cook, rinse the cleaned fish under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Drying will prevent the fish from steaming when you cook it...
Posted 2 years ago

baystateangler added a new recipe Poor Man's Lobster.
Heat water in skillet, bring to boil and add sugar and salt, reduce heat. Arrange fish in single layer and simmer uncovered until fish flakes easily, ...
Posted 2 years ago

crewchief added a new recipe Blackened Sea Bass.
Melt a pat of butter in a small bowl, then brush onto fish on both sides. Coat fish with seasoning.
Put cast iron skillet on grill or stove and hea...
Posted 2 years ago

sirpocius added a new recipe Double Dipped.
Pulverize the Ritz crackers. Salt, pepper and onion powder to taste to the cracker crumbs. beat an egg in a small shallow bowl. Take perch fillet (ski...
Posted 3 years ago

schwartzjb92 added a new recipe Panfish Shore Lunch.
Saute the bacon pieces in a large cast-iron skillet until almost, but not quite, crisp. Spoon a little of the bacon grease (to cook the fish in) into ...
Posted 3 years ago

timmo reviewed the trip Test.
5 stars
Posted 4 years ago

timmo reviewed the trip Chicco's trip.
3 stars
Posted 4 years ago

skippyfish posted to the message board SkippyFiSH is Blowing Up!...Thanks to all of you.
We have a ton of new things going on at SkippyFiSH. We just came out with our NEW 2" size and added 10 new colors to our lineup. These 2" are killer for Crappie, Tro...
Posted 6 years ago

raths posted to the message board Columbus Camping.
If you like nice free places to camp, Lake Babcock and Lake North are nice. The fishing isnt the best, but its free and they have electricity. L8R Raths...
Posted 7 years ago

bullshark reviewed the trip Test.
5 stars
Posted 8 years ago

bullshark reviewed the trip Chicco's trip.
3 stars
Posted 8 years ago

wolf37 posted to the message board cheap boat.
hello all, i was wondering where i could find a cheap boat. just for fishing, would like it to be about 14' any help would be appreciated...
Posted 8 years ago

wolf37 posted to the message board Millford lake KS.
Posted 8 years ago

wolf37 posted to the message board camp sites.
some good camping can be had close to lincoln, try wagon train or conestoga lake, fishing ain't to bad either...
Posted 8 years ago

wolf37 posted to the message board good bass fishing.
hello i'm looking for some places to go for those big bass, new to freshwater fishing and need all the help i can get lol...
Posted 8 years ago

wolf37 posted to the message board welcome aboard!.
hi everyone, i'm new to this site and to fresh water fishing. i grew up in connecticut on long island sound. did alot of saltwater fishing. i started fresh oh about a year ago...
Posted 8 years ago

chicco reviewed the trip Test.
5 stars
Posted 8 years ago

chicco posted a new trip Chicco's trip.
Wonderful trip, I only have two fisch but it was wonderful. These fisch are for President Obama!!!...
Posted 8 years ago

balikeye posted a new trip Test.
This is a test...
Posted 9 years ago

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